Gambuzinos | Music and Dances from Middle Ages, Renaissance and Other Epochs


primeiro_logotipoThe adventure began softly in Coimbra, in 2008, and since then has experienced several metamorphoses. After a continuous and intense work involving study of repertoire and elaboration of costumes, takes place in May of 2010 the rebirth of Gambuzinos, with up to 7 elements and great diversity of musical instruments.

At the moment the base formation is composed by 5 musicians, number that can increase in stage shows.


The gambosinos are mysterious beings of the popular culture used as a trap for gullible minds in order to awaken them to inquiry. Fascinated by their hypothetical existence, the poor victims are persuaded to undertake a hunt for these magical creatures using simple, creative, and obviously ineffective methods.

The Gambuzinos make an original and creative interpretation of historical music without fear of risking some anachronisms, waiting for the public to voluntarily surrender to the illusory and powerful art of the imagination.


CarlosDaniel Carlos Daniel
Instruments: tarota, tabor pipes, rauschpfeifen, crumhorn, other pipes and voice.
Projects: Rabies Nubies(2007-); Gambuzinos(2008-); Roncos e Curiscos(2008-); Tuttis Catraputtis(2009); Djembé Kuti Folá(2009-); Palhatrapos(2009-); Peobardos(2010-); Urtiga(2011-); Saca'rolhas(2014-).

Hugo Hugo Oliveira
Instruments: dulzaina, schäferpfeife, flutes, tambourine and voice.
Projects: Rabies Nubies(2005-); Rebimbomalho(); Gambuzinos(2008-); Grzum(2010-); Cindazunda(2014-); Orquestra Zabadum(2016-).

sergio Sérgio Castanheira
Instruments: galician bagpipe and flutes.
Projects: Carriços(); Gambuzinos(2008-); Saca'rolhas(2014-).

vila Victor Rodrigues
Instruments: bass drum, snare drum, darbuka, other percussions and voice.
Projects: Roncos e Curiscos(); Curinga(); Gambuzinos(2009-); Urtiga(2011-); Tabacaria(); Aqui Há Ó(2014-); Cindazunda(2016-); Azrak(); Orquestra Zabadum(2016-).

tiago Tiago Manuel Soares
Instruments: snare drum, bass drum, triangle, timbales, qraqeb, shakers, galician tambourine, mouth harp, goats nails, ghunghroo, frame drums, adufe, bilha and voice.
Projects: Pé Na Terra(); Retimbrar(); Gambuzinos(2014-).

Other musicians that had played before or still occasionally play with Gambuzinos: David Gonçalves, Afonso Passos, Pedro Balazeiro, André Ventura, João Pratas, Carlos Freixo, Michael da Conceição, Paulo Cavernas, Urbano Ferreira, Miguel Gomes, Joana Rita, Ricardo Lopes, Rafael Alves and Luís Neto.